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30 Oct 2017, 5th Monday and 25 Year Service Pin Presentation

On 30 Oct 2017 the Lodge presented certificates and pins representing 25 years of Masonic service to 8 of our members. In 2015 Brother Glenn Jones asked the Lodge to make a motion at Grand lodge to have a 25 year pin awarded to those members with that amount of time as a Master Mason. Due to several reasons, the motion was denied by the Grand Lodge. When this was reported to the Lodge members at the next stated meeting discussion was had, and it was determined that tje Lodge would recognize their members. At the start of this project there were 77 members that were eligible for the pin. For the first presentation the 20 oldest members with more than 25 but less than 50 years were sent their invitation to be recognized. Eight of the twenty were in attendance and received their award. The night was a great success.